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The following instruction will allow you to configure your Outlook Express mail client to connect to your CSS e-mail account.

First of all you need to run your Outlook Express. Then choose Tools->Accounts->Mail->Add->Mail. Then provide your name (eg. John Smith) and click "Next" button. Now you have to enter your CSS e-mail address. Assure that you've typed the address correctely -- eventual error will propagate to addressbooks of your friends and will make difficult to answer your e-mails. After clicking "Next" button you will be asked to enter the parameters of CSS servers. Please make sure, that your settings look the same as on the following screen-shot:


In particular double-check that you use IMAP server type (not POP3!).
The next question is about the username and the password. Enter them and click "Next" and "Finish".
Now you can see the following screen:


Choose Properties->Servers and select the check-box "My server requires authentication":


Choose Advanced and select both check-boxes "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)":

Secure connection

Clicking "OK" and then "Close" you'll be asked whether to download your mail folders from the server:

Choose "Yes" and then click "Visible". You should see something similar to this:


Click "OK" and choose IMAP.css.edu.pl in folders frame:


Now you need to set up the synchronization options. It is especially important when you connect to CSS server from outside the CSS network. You have to select all your folders (keeping "control" key pressed) and choose "Settings"->"Headers Only":


After all your screen should look like this:


Since now you'll receive your mail to your Inbox in "IMAP.css.edu.pl" branch. Your sent mail will be stored in "Sent Items" folder.

Jakub Lengiewicz <admin@css.edu.pl> 01/11/2005

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