ERASMUS Programme

Detailed information about the programme is available at

Who can participate?

All GSSR doctoral students who have not previously participated in the Erasmus programme. For full details of requirements for participation see:

You may apply in writing to the School Director to participate in study visits to the following institutions.

Students who initiate agreements with additional partner universities will be given priority if demand for places exceeds the number partner institutions are ready to accept.

Recently, students through their own contacts have been enable to establish agreements covering their own visits with Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Gothenburg.

Applicants will be selected on the basis of:

Selection will be made by the Dean and Academic Director of the GSSR. Any appeals arising from the selection procedure will be decided by the Director of the Institute.


Calls for application with relevant deadlines will be sent all students using your School e-mail addresses.

Information meetings

Information meetings will be held for those interested in applying for the programme, and later for students selected for participation. Check your school e-mail for details.

Recognition of studies

Participation in the Erasmus programme guarantees full recognition of your studies abroad (using ECTS).

Level of grants

Erasmus mobility grants make a contribution only to the costs of a stay at a partner university. The Erasmus programme gives advice on appropriate grant levels for individual countries. The suggested maximum monthly grant for the most expensive countries in 2012-13 was €450.

In practice grants are highly likely to be lower than the suggested maximum for a given country because we will have to distribute the total amount of money we are allocated among the number of students who are accepted for mobility.

The lowest permissible monthly grant in 2012-2013 was €200.

Additional funds are available for disabled students.

In order to ensure that grants are allocated fairly we will proceed on the following basis.

All students accepted for mobility in a given year will be awarded the same percentage (P%) of the suggested monthly maximum for the host country.


Grant for student 1: (y months at z Euro) x P%
Grant for student 2: (a months at b Euro) x P%
Grant for student 3: (c months at d Euro) x P%
Grant for student………….
= total allocation for mobility,

where z, b and d are the suggested maximum for the relevant host country.

NB No monthly grant can be below €200. This must be taken into account when students are accepted for mobility. If the number of students planning mobility exceeds the number that would cause the monthly grant to fall below €200 when calculated according to the formula above, selection of applicants will take place using a ranking list based on the criteria above.

Please note too that amounts may be adjusted during the year if extra funds become available eg. following the withdrawal of one or more students. The above formula will be used for the necessary distribution of additional funds.

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